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Founded on a simple premise and a unique patented design, LeafProof® is taking the nation by storm. Our product is not only the finest and most advanced gutter protection system on the market today, it's also the fastest growing product of its kind in the nation!

LeafProof® is installed nationwide by more contractors than all the other premium gutter protection products combined. Why? Because it's affordable and it works. Contractor preferred and consumer tested, LeafProof® is making its mark from coast to coast.

Prevents Tiger Striping

By channeling the water into your gutters and keeping debris out, these guards help prevent "tiger stripes" from appearing on the front surface of your gutters.

Great for pine needles

The solid gutter cover keeps pine needles and other small debris from entering the gutter or sitting on the gutter guards. Leaf Proof' is placed in between the last layers of shingles and screw down onto the front/top of your gutter. Therefore, the guards act as a "ramp" for leaves and debris to slide off your roof and over the gutter.

Leaf Proof is the only gutter protection product on the market today that has ALL of the following features:

  • LeafProof® installs on existing gutters.
  • LeafProof® is installed under the first row of shingles.
  • LeafProof® is not screwed into your roof or fascia.
  • LeafProof® can be cleaned and maintained from the ground.

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