Why Do I Need Gutters


Why do I need gutters?

Besides adding to the "curb appeal" and resale value of your home, gutters are your first line of defense against water. You may not think a rain shower here and there could do so much damage. However, over time water will stain your siding, walkways and along your foundation. Water will rot the fascia, soffit, door jams and window sills. Gutters channel thousands of gallons away from your foundation keeping your crawl space and basement dry.

All could have been avoided with a professionally installed gutter system.

How are my gutters installed?

Quality installation begins with .032 gauge aluminum gutter coil in 5" or 6" and 2x3 or 3x4 aluminum downspouts. (Heavier gauge is optional) All gutters are custom measured, cut and built on site! And with more than 20 colors to choose from, you can forget about painting them to match.

Surfaces / locations for gutters are measured from shingle to shingle and downspout locations are measured not only for proper water flow, but for the best fit and finish. Typically downspouts will run down the trim / corner-boards of the house. Depending on the color you choose, gutters can either blend in with your current color scheme or help accent the trim. We’ve had several customers come home and call us wondering if we had to re-schedule their installation because they didn’t even notice the gutters on their house!

Once the measurements are taken, one of the gutter machines is fired up and installation begins. These machines takes a roll of aluminum gutter coil and transforms it into a 5” or 6" k-style gutter. With the measurements taken from your house a few minutes ago, we cut the gutter accordingly, anywhere from a few inches to our current record 90'9”. Once all the gutters have been cut, they are placed one by one on stands to attach the end caps, cut the holes for the outlets ( leading to the downspout ) and fitted with hidden screw hangers.

Now that everything has been built on the ground, its time to hang the gutters and attach the downspouts. In addition to placing them in the most logical and attractive places on your home, gutters are given enough angle and flow for water to roll into the downspouts and away from the foundation. The elbows leading to the downspout are form fitted to cover the outlet securely at the top and to keep the downspout tight up against your house. Instead of just piecing them together, we screw both sides of the elbows into the downspout with color matching hex-head screws.

Once the installation is complete and the invoice has been settled ( we make this easy for you too… call for details ), we simply “disappear” without a trace of trash, scrap or debris.

Is bigger... better?

When it comes to gutters... yes! An oversize 6" gutter will hold almost twice as much (98%) water per foot compared to the standard 5". This is especially helpful for homes with large or steep roof lines and during Richmond's summer thunderstorms and hurricane rains. The amount of water received during these storms typically overwhelms standard 5" gutters.

Not only does the 6" gutter have a larger opening to catch the water, it's actually an inch taller and an inch wider at the bottom. The handling capacity is complimented with oversize 3x4 downspouts to move the water quickly away from your home.

We take pride in our work...

By providing our customers the best materials and using the best equipment, we provide craftsmanship unmatched by our competition. That's why we use Alsco Gutter-Tuff gutter coil. It's the first coating system exclusively formulated to meet the unique and rigorous demands of field-formed continuous gutter applications. Many ot today's gutter coatings have been designed for forming inside factories, but Alsco Gutter-Tuff is the first formulated specifically for on-site forming of gutters. And the best part, a twenty (20) year limited warranty!

Even before your gutters are measured and custom cut on site you'll notice how neat and clean our materials and equipment are kept. From the gutter machine to the elbows, downspouts and screws, everything is kept inside our trucks and trailers wrapped and boxed in route to your home. You won't see gutters strapped to the top of our van swinging in the breeze. By rolling the gutter coil through our gutter machines, you're guaranteed a crisp, straight gutter without bends or scratches. And you can forget about leaks, seams, and gutter spikes. We take extra steps by using Geosel gutter seal and hidden hangers.

Personable and Professional...

Over the last 12 years we've completed many thousands of jobs in the greater Richmond area. In addition to a quality job, we're fun to work with. Customers routinely call and compliment our company and the employees on thier experience with Mind in the Gutter. It's simple, we treat our customers the way we want to be treated. Our managers and installers are personable and professional. Whether on the phone or at the job, you'll be greeted with a smile and left with a sense of confidence knowing you called the right company.

Maybe that's why many of our customers have referred us to their family and friends. Many more customers have volunteered themselves as references for future customers. We're proud of our work. So when you call for an estimate, just ask us for an example. We'll provide you an address or two of the home(s) nearest you. Chances are we've done a quality job in your neighborhood.

Gutter Repair

We have seen many instances where gutters do not need replacing. Let us assess your gutters and give you advice on repair vs. replacement. Many times gutters have been installed "flat" or even angled the wrong direction. This causes water to sit in the gutter, roll behind the gutter damaging the fascia boards or roll over the gutter at the wrong end. If your gutters were installed with gutter spikes, over time they will become loose and pull away from house, especially if they are not cleaned regularly. Clean gutters keep water flowing through the downspout. Clogged gutters cause water to sit in the gutter, weighing them down and pulling them away from the house. If the gutter is still in good shape, we can re-attach the gutter and re-angle if necessary.

Fascia repair / replacement

"What's behind my gutters?" Gutters are attached to fascia boards and the fascia boards to rafters. In cases where the gutters are pulling away from the house, falling off the house or when water runs behind the gutters... the fascia boards often need repair. In most cases, we can take care of that too!